Clamps, Riser Clamps & Clamp Bases

BPS range includes the following standard products:
                 TYPE                                             DESCRIPTION                                          

Two-bolt Clamp                                        
Three-bolt Clamp                                        
Clevis hanger                                        
Four-bolt, Pressed, Riser Clamp                                        

Flat-Plate Riser Clamp                                        

Pipe Clamp Base for use as a sliding base
or with spreader beams,  if it is guided at
the base.                                            

Pipe Clamp Base for use as a guide on
horizontal or vertical pipes. Also can be
used with the legs vertically as a vertical
restraint on horizontal pipes in cases
where the vertical load can act upwards.                                        

For use as a guide on horizontal pipes.
The stated load capacity is applicable to
both vertical and lateral loadings acting

This type is a two-way guide which can be
used for either horizontal or vertical pipes.                                        

Light-Duty Pipe Clamp Base                                        
Offset Pipe Clamp