Pipe Supports Ltd is a global supplier of pipe supporting equipment for Power generation and petrochemical industries with manufacturing facilities based in United Kingdom,Thailand and China. Benefit from our mature experiences on pipe supports industry and we hereby confirm we are now available to provide1 stop solution for various pipe supports standard from engineering supports to assembling commodity supports to our respectful customers in the world.

Our Group is an independent group now part of Banon, A private owned holdings company in UK, the new group has its subsidiaries located in

Pipe Supports Ltd located in Birmingham, UK

Pipe Supports Asia Ltd located in Bangkok, Thailand

Bergen Pipe Supports (China) Ltd located in Shanghai, China

Principal Function of our business

We design,Manufacture and supply of pipe hangers,restraints and associated equipment for all types of pipework installations in the industrial,commercial,power generation and petrochemical sectors

Secondary services include site survey and piping analysis combined with the long-term monitoring of piping performance.

BPSL standard products are completed by Engineering hanger and commodity hangers as follows:

- BPSDesigning-Software for designing pipe hanger assemblies

-CAD-Computerised supports design/Drawing system

-Constant Effort Supports

-Variable Effort Supports

-Assembling commodity supports for buildings

-Carbon and Alloy Steel Pipe Clamps and Attachments

-Beam Clips and attachments

-Rodding and Fittings

-Low Friction Slide Bearings

-Polyurethane Foam Cold Supports

-Comlin Isolation Products

-Hydraulic Snubbers and Dampers

-Springs Sway Braces

-Stiff Clamps

-Rigid Struts

-Pipework Surveilance Equipment

-Load Measuring Equipment

-Structural Steelwork

National and International Standards commonly used:

-BSEN13480         -Metallic and Industrial Piping

-GB/T20801-2006 -Pressure piping code-industrial piping

-ASME                  -Boiler and Pressure Vessel code section 3 subsection NF Supports

-ANSI-B3 1.1        -Power Piping

-ANSI-B3 1.3        -Process Piping

-MSS-SP58          -Pipe hangers and Supports-Material,Design and Manufacture

-MSS-SP69          -Pipe Hangers and Supports-Selection and Application

-MSS-SP89          -Pipe Hangers and Supports-Fabrication and Installation Practice

The Fields of application we service our products to are all types of thermal power stations, chemical and petro-chemical installations, LNG terminals and large-scale processing plants as well as hospital, buildings. Our products cover capacities from 22.5 lbs[0.10kN] to 112 kip [500kN] and temperatures from -320°F [-196°C] to 1200°F[650°C].

Our global companies and sales offices and agents are delighted to provide our best services to respectful customers to enable the efficiency of processing on major worldwide projects.

Sample of our standard products as follows: